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About wood & Veneers

The story of veneers- from log to panel

Wood is the oldest building material known to man. Centuries of dependence on wood have severely depleted the world's resources and the insatiable appetite for good wood in interiors have led man to devise an economical and eco friendly way to enjoy existing wood resources for a longer time. Thus was born the process of making veneers. When you use 0.5mm decorative veneer on the surface of furniture, panel or doors, instead of a solid wood plank one inch (25 mm) thick, you are multiplying the usage of wood 50 times over!

Production process

Only the finest logs – matching the criteria of quality, shape and configuration- are carefully selected by our log buyers for veneer production.

The logs are de-barked at the vertical Band Saw and opened along the heart and cut in two parts, for crown cut veneer; or four parts for quarter cut veneer. They are steamed in vats for a few days, based on the hardness, to soften the wood. Further, each part of the log (flitch) is cut in fine wafer thin layers (veneer) in the slicer machine. Thickness may range from 0.2 mm to 1.5 mm.

The veneers are then passed through a dryer that brings down the moisture content from 100% to 10~12% . The dried veneers are then passed through a series of stringent quality checks and edge clipped in a guillotine clipper to ensure evenness of size and that they fit together perfectly. Further they are packed in bundles (of 50 or 24 leaves) in the same sequence of slicing, to form a complete flitch or log. Further graded and stacked on pallets, each holding about 2000

To make a spliced sheet, the veneers are placed together and joined to make sheets of required sizes in a Glue (zig zag) Splicer or Edge Glue splicer. Further they are laminated on to a backing in the Hydraulic Hot Press, as per order. Backings are of various types: paper backed, ply backed, fleece backed and more. They are further sanded in a segmented pad high end sanding machine for a better surface finish.

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